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WELCOME TO National Kart Racing Championship

If your heart pounds faster when the bass of the Automobile exhaust goes high, if you trust your machine more than the people around you. It’s probably because you’re one of the few gifted individuals assigned by the lord to improve the lives of others around you.

We at National Kart Racing Championship believe that every Innovation boils down to a couple of enthusiasts daring to defy the expectations and go beyond the limits to prove their mettle. 2014-15 saw the first wave of these discreet mechanical engineers come forward with their weapons at hand. Go-kart, you see this little weapon is generally loaded with a 4-stroke engine coupled with a gearbox or a CVT, it has the capacity to bring the adrenaline junkies to clock a staggering 70+ kmph. Pair this weapon with the right amount of competition and the perfect track, you will begin feeling what every participant of NKRC goes through. The participants design and fabricate a kart following the strict guidelines of the NKRC rulebook and ensure that their vehicle outperforms every other kart in:


The participants first design a go-kart on the various designing software’s available in the market. They then asses their designs on the analysis software’s and check for their practicability, reducing the chances of failure and ensuring a good and safe design.



The teams proceed to turn their imagination into reality, focusing on all the systems separately and then combining them to certify a formidable kart that is ready to become a part of the NKRC legacy.

Evaluation PHASE

Teams that produce their go-karts on time are yet to reach their final race grounds, before doing so they must qualify and complete a couple of tests to safeguard that all the racing karts are fit to do so and safe to compete. The tests are:

Technical Inspection : The TI consists of a thorough evaluation of the karts. They’re relative comparison with the norms in the rule book and the design projected in the design evaluation round. The vehicles that is not in accordance with the rulebook or seems unfit to race are shown the red flag here

Acceleration Test : The kart is allowed to run at its highest rev until a certain distance. The time taken decides the points tally.

Brake test : At the end of the finish line in the acceleration test, the participants are required to apply full brakes and obtain wheel lock condition(rear wheels). This is an elimination round, and the teams failing to reach a minimum standard are eliminated.

Skid Pad : Ensuring the ease of maneuverability of the Go-karts and testing the steering system, this test focuses on the time taken by the participants to complete a Figure 8.

Autocross : This is a race against the clock scenario in which the participants are required to trace a course of road. Generally consisting of a lot of turns.

Traction Test : The karts are mostly standing on the teams expectations, the goal of this test is to check how good the karts perform on NKRC’s expectations. The karts are tied to a rolling weight (a car) and they are required to pull it through a certain distance. The time taken to perform this task decides the points to be allotted.

After passing through all these barriers the final race begins. This is where the go-karts compete, neck to neck, on the track. And the winners are decided on the basis of the cumulative score judged by the panel of expert jury that have been called from the leading Automobile Companies.