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This segment of Championship is focused on green technology, and what better sight than watching automotive enthusiasts from around the country, sweating it out with their amazing designs, while protecting the environment. An important and exciting step taken to protect the dexterity of the mother-nature.

So, the track is same. The venue is same. The dates are same too. Then what’s new? 

It is the battle of E-Karts. An e-kart or an Electric Go-Kart is simply a go-kart powered by an electric motor and batteries (design dependent). Apart from being eco friendly, these e-karts offer a lot of reasons to be excited about. They are low maintenance, and are much safer to use too. Leaving apart all the technicalities, they are a very exciting ray of hope, that today, with so many talks about global warming and the need for a cleaner environment, these clean and fast machines tell us, that there will never be existence without automobiles.

Next, there will be a virtual round for this competition, where all participants will need to prepare videos and presentations about their kart and present it to the jury online. Here, the jury checks if the kart meets all the given requirements, and is capable of being manufactured. In this competition, the jury does not disqualify any team in the virtual round, but gives necessary improvements and corrections regarding the betterment of the overall design and the Safety of the vehicle. The virtuals are an important round for the championship, and are the basic step before the big race.

The event will be held at Kolhapur, Maharasthra. The dates are the same as that of the National Kart Racing Championship. More than 50 well balanced teams from across the nations will participate and they shall race infront of the highly competitive 200 teams who will already be there for the NKRC, and the fight for glory will definitely be worth the watch. So, don’t waste your time, and register yourself to be a part of this unique, yet endeavoring challenge.

Ready, Set, Race.